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Hand Transplant Research

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Scientific Publications

Overview Articles (Hand Transplantation)

Our Work:


Barker, JH., Francois, CG., Frank, JM., Maldonado, C.  Composite tissue allotransplantation (CTA): Present state and future outlook. Transplantation, 73(5): 832-35, 2002.

Vossen, M., Molfese, DL., Fonaryova-Key, A., Kelly, S., Maldonado, C., Kon, M., Barker, JH. Brain plasticity following hand transplantation. European Surgical Research. 34(S1): 4, 2002 (ABSTRACT).

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Related Work of Others:


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Immunological (Hand Transplantation)


Our Work:

Vossen, M., Edelstein, J., Majzoub, R., Zdichavasky, M., Maldonado, C., Ray, M., Perez-Abadia, GA., Jevans, A., Barker, JH. The effect Cyclosporine A has on bone healing in a porcine composite tissue allograft model.  Plast Reconstr Surg,(IN PRESS); (2004).

Fernandez-Botran, R., Gorantla, V., Sun, X., Ren, X., Perez-Abadia, G., Maldonado, C., Ray, M., Barker, JH. Targeting of glycosaminoglycan-cytokine interactions as a novel therapeutic approach in allotransplantation Transplantation, 74(5): 623-9, 2002.

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Related Work of Others:


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Lay Publications

Altman, LK.  Both hands and forearms transplanted for first time.  New York Times, January 15, 2000.

Franken Science push back the frontiers of medicine. London Sunday Times Magazine, February 6, 2000, pp 43-56. 

New direction for transplants raises hopes and questions. New York Times, May 2, 1999.

Cutting Edge Transplants. Popular Science, October, 1999, pp 62-67

Medical innovation close at hand. American Medical News, September 14, 1998, p.1. 

Surgeons in France try hand transplant. New York Times, September 25, 1998.

Doctors who transplanted hand ponder their surprising patient. New York Times, October 6, 1998, p. B11

Frankenstein moving from fiction to fact. The Globe and Mail, November 5, 1998. 

Hand surgeons decry French transplant as much too risky. Physician’s Weekly, November 8, 1998, p.1. 




Scientific and Lay Presentations

Our Work:


Vossen, M., Molfese DL., Fonaryova-Key A., Kelly S., Maldonado C., Kon, M., Barker, JH. Brain. plasticity following hand transplantation. Annual Meeting of the Society for University Surgeons, Houston, TX. February 2003

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Zdichavsky, M., Ustuner, T., Jones, JW., Edelstein, J., Breidenbach, W., Jevans, A., Maldonado, C., Barker, JH. Cyclosporine A combination therapy prolongs composite tissue allograft survival in a swine model. 34th Congress of the European Society of Surgical Research (ESSR), Bern, Switzerland, April 22-24, 1999.

A chat with a hand surgeon. CNN Health Chat line, January 29, 1998.

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